California Drivers Found to Be the Worst in the Country: Does This Surprise You?

When you think of the worst drivers in the country, where do you think of? If you’re like most people, you assume that drivers from another state are worse than the state you live in. However, if you live in the state of California you’d be wrong – a new study has found that our drivers are the worst in the country. Learn more and then reach out to Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to get a free legal consultation with a personal injury attorney.

The survey looks at data from 2016

The annual study in question was completed by QuoteWizard. They’re an online marketplace for people shopping for auto insurance. They’ve not only found that California drivers are the worst in the country, but they give specific reasons for that. They say that the combination of freeways that are constantly gridlocked, an increase in the number of people driving while drunk, and an increase in distraction caused by smartphones all work together to make this a particularly unsafe state.

California has moved from the second worst to the worst

In 2016, California was ranked the second worst state in which to drive in the entire country. This recent study showed that citations are on a rise in the Golden State. It’s been shown that the worst drivers tend to be in the larger metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, but some have wondered if the results may be skewed. After all, a city with millions of people is bound to have more citations than a city with just a few hundred thousand.

Half of the cities with the worst drivers are located in California

California overall has higher instances of car accidents and is considered the least safe for drivers, but when you pull back and look at the stats city by city, the news isn’t much better. In fact, of the top ten cities with the worst drivers, five of them are in California. Sacramento was ranked the worst state for drivers in the entire country. The other four joining it in the top five include San Diego, LA, Bakersfield, and Riverside.

Other states making the worst-driving list as well as the winner

The other four states in the top five worst states for driving were South Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, and Washington State. Many people are shocked to learn that Rhode Island was actually found to be the best drivers in the country. The data that was used included info on DUIs, citations, speeding tickets, accidents, and fatalities. More than two million data points were taken from drivers for this study.

Have you been injured as a result of another driver’s choices?

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