Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: What is PIP Insurance and Should I Have It?


Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: What is PIP Insurance and Should I Have It?

Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: What is PIP Insurance and Should I Have It?

There are so many types and options for auto insurance that it can often be difficult to know what you need. Ideally, your auto insurer would offer you sound advice, but they might make a commission if you buy more insurance, which could cloud their opinion. On the other hand, Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas does not stand to gain anything if you have PIP insurance or not, yet he has the experience to know how this coverage is supposed to work as well as how it actually works.

PIP Insurance is Not Required But Can Make it Easier to Get Medical Care

First, understand that PIP stands for personal injury protection insurance. Even if you have a wealth of auto insurance and believe that you would be covered if you suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident, there could get gaps in that coverage. It is those gaps in insurance that PIP is designed to fill. It can also help ensure that you get paid quickly if you are involved in a car accident.

The Advantages of Adding PIP Insurance

While the specifics will depend on the plan you choose some PIP insurance covers as much as 80% of medical bills after a car accident. These policies often cover physical therapy, psychiatric care, and occupational therapy, all of which can be harder to get covered through your health insurance. There are non-medical expenses it might cover too, such as lost income. In the event of your death, PIP insurance can provide a death benefit to cover your funeral expenses.

The second main advantage of PIP insurance is that it is a no-fault insurance policy. This means that you are covered no matter how caused the accident. This can be important if you are at fault for an accident. It can be equally important if you are not at fault, but you need help with medical expenses while fault is being determined.

PIP Will Not Affect Your Right to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

No matter what your medical coverage or PIP insurance coverage is, it will not affect your ability to file a personal injury case to hold the at-fault party accountable. If someone else acted recklessly or negligently, then they should be held accountable for your actions. Even if they do not have insurance, you might have the option of suing them personally.

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