Are You New to the World of Motorcycle Safety? Learn About the Top Types and How Safe They Are

There are many different types of motorcycles you can purchase in the United States. In fact, there are ten classes that are generally accepted. If you keep reading, you will learn about some of these classes and the reasons they are safe or not safe. Then contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and require a free legal consultation.

Cruisers Are the Most Common Types of Motorcycles

When you think of the “classic” motorcycle from the ‘30s to the ‘60s, you are likely thinking of a cruiser. These are made by companies such as Harley-Davidson and Indian. Within the category of cruisers there are several more specific categories.

Standard Motorcycles

A standard motorcycle has basic designs coupled with an upright riding position. These have lower power-to-weight ratios than many other motorcycles, which means they are better choices for many newer users and are rider-friendlier in general.

Sport and Supersport Bikes

Supersport and sport bikes are closely related. A supersport is the consumer version of a racing motorcycle. These bikes weigh less, accelerate quickly, and handle well. Sport bikes are fully capable of achieving high speeds but do not have the acceleration or handling of spersports. It is generally the case that the sport bikes have lower power-to-weight ratios compared to supersport bikes.

Unclad Sport Bikes

Similar to sport and supersports in the way they are designed and performed, they do not have plastic body fairings. Likewise, they do not have windscreens. In short, they offer less protection than other sporting bikes.

Touring and Sport Touring Bikes

The sport-touring bike is going to be similar to a sport bike but heavier. It will also include typical sporting features like saddlebags, rear trunk, and a bigger seat. You will generally find that they have more significant windshields along with better wind-deflecting fairings compared to sport bikes. The touring bike has a large engine, a large fuel tank, and extra room for luggage. They commonly have features that come in handy for longer rides such as audio systems and cruise control.


These options have small wheels and small engines, in addition to automatic transmissions. They are easier to ride, easier to park, and are becoming more popular – especially amongst younger riders.

Which Bikes Are the Safest?

Now that we have gone over the types of bikes, let us look at which ones have the lowest rate of fatal accidents. The bikes that have the lowest death rates include cruisers, standards, touring, and sport-touring bikes. Supersports are just a small fraction of registered bikes yet their rates of fatal accidents are about four times those who of cruisers or standards.

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