Be prepared to act wisely after a motor vehicle accident by learning these 5 must-do activities.

Following any kind of motor vehicle accident, people often feel overwhelmed. They do not know how to react, and this can lead them to make missteps that could hurt their case for full and fair compensation for injuries suffered. Do not let this happen to you! Instead make sure you remember to do these 5 things.

1. Take Photos and Video

These days, just about everyone has a cell phone, and most of these phones are equipped with cameras. So, immediately after your accident, take out your phone and start shooting photos or even video if possible. Be sure to capture the position of the vehicles in the roadway, as well as the vehicles’ positions in relation to one another. Remember, photos and videos should be taken before moving the vehicles from their original points of rest following the collision.

2. Call the Police.

You should call the police to report the accident as soon as it happens. Insist that an officer come out to take a report. People are often nervous after an accident, and the at-fault parties will not yet have had an opportunity to concoct a story to explain, excuse, or conceal their role in causing the accident. They may admit things to the police right after an accident that they would never say later on.

3. Accept Reasonable Medical Attention.

Obviously your health is very important. If you have been injured, be sure to get medical attention. If you have been in a violent collision and the paramedics have been called, follow their advice for your care. If they want to take you to the hospital, you should go. Not only will accepting this medical care ensure your well-being; it will also give your attorney ample evidence to fight for a high amount of compensation for pain and suffering in your settlement.

4. Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company.

Following an accident, it is not in your best interests to talk to any insurance company—not

even your own. You do not need to inject yourself into a process where you will be asked questions under oath about your accident, when you do not understand the law, your rights, or the insurance company’s obligations.

5. Call Me.

The final thing you will want to make sure to do after a motor vehicle accident is call me, Fernando D. Vargas, at 909-982-0707. My consultations are always free, and my firm will give you the personal attention you deserve. We adopt the philosophy of “one goal, one passion: client success” and we are here for you.