Only an experienced attorney who understands your injury and your pain can fight effectively for your compensation.

5 Injuries Handled by a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Riverside CAEven when motorcyclists are protected by helmets and leathers, they are still likely to suffer severe injuries in a traffic accident. Considering that these kinds of injuries have the potential to significantly diminish quality of life for the victim and their family, they must not be taken lightly.

It is not enough to simply total up the medical bills and then ask for that figure in compensation. Instead, you will want the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Riverside CA such as Fernando D. Vargas to help you describe and document all of the ways your injury has affected your life and place a fair dollar amount on your pain and suffering.

In his many years serving as a motorcycle accident attorney in Riverside CA, Attorney Vargas has assisted clients suffering from all kinds of serious injuries. He understands the unique concerns associated with the following 5 types of motorcycle injuries and he can help you secure appropriate compensation.

Traumatic Brain Injury: When traumatic brain injury requires surgery to treat, it is easier to get insurance companies to understand the significance of the injury and offer appropriate compensation. But when the injury is limited to a concussion that does not require costly treatment, it is more challenging to show exactly how serious the injury really was. Attorney Vargas can connect clients with medical experts specializing in TBI to help document long term effects like decreased cognitive function, lost motor function, diminished sensory perception, and emotional issues, all of which must be compensated.

Spinal Cord Injury: Injuries to the back and neck have the potential to create lasting hardship for motorcycle accident victims. Individuals may suffer from chronic pain or even be paralyzed. Fortunately, Attorney Vargas brings extensive experience in spinal cord injury cases to his work as your motorcycle accident attorney in Riverside CA. He understands what you are going through and will fight aggressively for compensation.

Broken Bones: In the case of a simple fracture, your compensation may be limited to medical bills, lost wages, and some pain and suffering. But more complex fractures may take longer to heal and potentially result in some degree of limitation or disability. If so, Attorney Vargas will make sure compensation for lost earning potential is also considered.

Amputations: If the bike falls on the victim during a motorcycle accident or other severe trauma occurs, there is the possibility of a body part being so badly damaged that it must be amputated. This is an extreme hardship that comes with unique concerns like phantom limb pain and costs for prosthetics or adaptive devices. You can count on Attorney Vargas to work hard to secure appropriate compensation for this devastating injury as your motorcycle accident attorney in Riverside CA.

Lacerations: Deep cuts or large abrasions are not only painful but may also result in scarring that is detrimental to the victim’s self-esteem. Attorney Vargas recommends individuals with wounds that may scar have a plastic surgery medical-legal evaluation so that the cost of any necessary scar reduction surgeries may be included in the request for compensation.

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