A 4-Year Old Boy Dies in a Neighborhood Pool: What Could Have Prevented It?


A 4-Year Old Boy Dies in a Neighborhood Pool: What Could Have Prevented It?

A 4-Year Old Boy Dies in a Neighborhood Pool: What Could Have Prevented It?

Backyard swimming pools are not uncommon in California. Many people either have one in their own yard, or have one nearby. They’re a great way to stay cool and comfortable on a hot day, and a great spot for entertaining. However, if the owner of a property with a pool on it isn’t careful, it can be a huge hazard – and it can even lead to a loss of life.

Owners of a property that has a pool have a responsibility to ensure that their pool is free from hazards. This can mean various things depending on the specifics of the location of the home and the pool. Generally speaking, the minimum requirements are fencing to keep the public out of the pool, warnings about pool depths, drains that are maintained and repaired to ensure they function safely, and hazards like glass kept away from the pool. When these steps of precaution aren’t taken, a drowning accident can occur.

The tragic story of the death of a child

In a perfect world, stories of children dying in drowning accidents would be nothing more than myths. Unfortunately, they’re all too real in today’s world. A four-year old boy wandered away to the home of a neighborhood and drowned in that neighbor’s pool.

Full details of the accident haven’t yet been released, but according to the police, the child was not attended and the pool was unattended as well. It’s unclear if he jumped into the pool or fell into the pool. Questions remain about how a child that young could get into a pool unless it was inadequately secured. As a result, there is an investigation to see if the owner of the property was derelict in their responsibility to ensure that the pool area was secure.

Too many pool owners don’t take their responsibility seriously

Too often, an owner of a property with a pool only thinks of their pool as a fun, recreational place. They don’t think of how dangerous it can be. They don’t think about how seriously they must take the maintenance of their pool. The truth is that having a pool is a lot of work. From keeping it clean to keeping it safe, too often owners either don’t know what they should be doing for their pool or they simply ignore the steps they should be taken.

The parents of the victim should contact a personal injury attorney

No one can bring that child back. His family will miss him for the rest of his life. That said, there are steps that can be taken to hold the owner of the property responsible, assuming they are found to be responsible. The first step is to reach out to a personal injury attorney.

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