3 Types of Injuries an Animal Attack Attorney Handles


3 Types of Injuries an Animal Attack Attorney Handles

Whether you got bit, tripped, or traumatized, an animal attack attorney can help

animal attack attorneyWhile dog bites are the most common type of animal attack injury, they are by no means the only injury that can form the basis of a valid animal attack injury complaint. You may be entitled to seek compensation from an animal’s owner or handler, or from the owner of the property where the injury occurred, so long as you can prove that their negligence contributed to your injury. Here are 3 types of injuries that a skilled animal attack attorney may be able to use as the basis for a personal injury claim.


It has been estimated that a dog bites a person every 75 seconds in this country. This being the most common type of animal bite, it is not surprising that many states, including California, have specific dog bite statutes on the books to protect victims of dog bites. An animal attack attorney can help you hold negligent dog owners or handlers responsible for their actions and force them to provide compensation for your injuries. Although there are no specific statutes regarding other types of animals, compensation can still be sought for bite injuries inflicted by other pets and even by zoo animals using various aspects of personal injury law.


Some municipalities have their own laws about animal injuries. For example, many have animal liability laws, which are much broader than dog bite statues both in terms of the types of animals and the types of injuries covered. This means that an animal attack attorney can help you seek compensation when a dog or other animal knocks you down or trips you. These types of falling injuries can be quite severe, potentially including broken bones or even head trauma, so do not neglect to seek the advice of an attorney after being involved in any type of fall caused by an animal.

Psychological Trauma

Often, people tend to focus on the physical injuries inflicted by animals. However, animal attacks can also cause significant psychological trauma. A good animal attack attorney will not neglect this aspect of your case. There is even potential for “bystander pain and suffering” to be sought as compensation for the trauma experienced by someone who witnessed the incident but was physically unharmed. An example would be a child that saw a parent or sibling mauled by a dog or other animal.

Key Points to Remember

Remember, in any animal attack case, the most important points to prove include:

  • Identity of the animal

  • Responsibility for the animal

  • How the responsible party’s negligence caused your injury

  • Severity of your injury

A skilled animal attack attorney like Fernando D. Vargas can help you prove these vital points to ensure that you get full and complete compensate for injuries suffered as a result of an animal handler’s negligence.

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