3 Reasons You Need an Attorney for a Brain Injury Claim


3 Reasons You Need an Attorney for a Brain Injury Claim

Learn why it is in your best interests to have an experienced brain injury attorney handle your claim.

3 Reasons You Need an Attorney for a Brain Injury Claim

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious brain injury due to the reckless or negligent actions of another party, you deserve compensation. The insurance company representing the liable party may even take the initiative and offer you compensation. Though it may be tempting to just accept their offer, it is important to realize that this first offer is almost certainly inadequate to your true needs.

If you want to secure the full and fair compensation you deserve, it is in your best interests to consult an experienced attorney regarding your case. But not just any attorney will do—you need an attorney with specific experience in brain injury cases such as Fernando D. Vargas. Here are 3 reasons why this is true.

The Stakes Are High

In the case of a serious brain injury, you may be facing significant medical bills. However, there may also be other costs that you are not even aware of yet. For example, you or your injured loved one may be permanently disabled by the brain injury. This could lead to the need for ongoing medical or nursing care, as well as compensation for lost wages and lost earning power. These hidden expenses may not be fully compensated in the initial offer from the insurance company. On your own, you may not even realize this. But with an experienced brain injury attorney like Fernando D. Vargas on the case, you can rest assured all of your damages will be included in your claim for compensation.

Your Injury Is Complex

Brain injuries have the potential to cause a variety of lingering symptoms, such as changes in cognition, coordination, memory, mood, and even personality. Your average personal injury attorney may not fully understand this or know how to help you document these changes so that they may be compensated. This is another reason why you need an experienced brain injury attorney on your side. Fernando D. Vargas can help connect you or your injured loved one with appropriate specialists who can serve as expert medical witnesses in your case. He can also help you understand how to create a personal injury diary that will support your claim for compensation for the complicated aftereffects of a brain injury.

You Need to Focus on Recovery

One final reason that you should hire a brain injury attorney to assist you with your claim, rather than trying to handle the matter yourself, is that you simply do not need the stress of interacting with insurance providers and attorneys for the other side. With your attorney skillfully handling these matters for you and keeping you informed of all important developments in your case, you can instead focus on recovery and healing after your injury.

Questions About Brain Injury Claims?

If you have any questions about a potential brain injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707. We will be happy to set up a free initial consultation for you.

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