10 People Die Each Day in Summer in Crashes Involving Teen Drivers


10 People Die Each Day in Summer in Crashes Involving Teen Drivers

Injured by a teen driver? Get compensation with help from Fernando D. Vargas.

10 People Die Each Day in Summer in Crashes Involving Teen Drivers

Sadly, fatal accidents involving teen drivers tend to climb every summer during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day, aka the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer.” In fact, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, an average of 10 people die each day during the summer season as a result of car accidents involving a teen driver.

In a recently released study on trends in teen driver crashes, the AAA Foundation identified distraction as the root cause of nearly 60 percent of accidents. Researchers were able to reach this conclusion by analyzing dashboard camera footage of teens in the 6 seconds leading up to a crash.

Top 3 Distractions for Teen Drivers

Specifically, the researchers found that the top three distractions for teen drivers are:

Talking to Other Passengers: Surprisingly, the leading cause of distraction and inattention for teen drivers does not have anything to do with technology. Instead, it is simply good old fashioned personal interaction with passengers. The AAA Foundation study found that this type of distraction played a role in 15 percent of accidents.

Using a Cell Phone: Using a smart phone came in second on the list of top teen driver distractions, with 12 percent of accidents attributed to this behavior. While talking on the phone did help to cause some accidents, in most cases the teens were looking down at the phone, not talking on it, in the seconds leading up to the car accident. They may have been texting or using social media apps.

Looking at Something Inside the Vehicle: The third most frequent case of teen car accidents was inattention due to looking at or manipulating some other object (besides a cell phone) within the vehicle. This type of distraction accounted for 11 percent of accidents.

What To Do After an Accident with a Teen Driver

If you get hurt in an accident with a distracted teen driver—or if you lose a loved one in one of the 10 fatal accidents that will take place each day this summer—you need to act quickly to ensure that the teen driver is held liable for the pain and suffering they have caused. As your car accident injury attorney or wrongful death attorney, Fernando D. Vargas can help. You can trust Attorney Vargas to provide top-quality advice and representation as he works to resolve your case quickly and secure the compensation you deserve.

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