I was involved in a car accident and the insurance company for the other driver wanted to blame me for the accident. I immediately called Fernando D. Vargas and his office got involved right away. Attorney Vargas was able to get the insurance company to pay for the repairs to my car. The office referred me to doctors so that I could get the treatment I needed. Mr. Vargas was always available to answer my questions and guide me through the process. I was very happy and extremely grateful to Attorney Vargas for the legal services I received. Fernando Vargas was able to get me a great settlement. I recommend Mr. Vargas to anyone needing the services of a fantastic lawyer.



I was in a car accident and called the Law Offices of Fernando Vargas. Attorney Vargas and his staff moved quickly to help me. Mr. Vargas personally took care of my case. He was always straight forward and helpful. My calls were returned right away. His staff is friendly and professional. Everyone was very nice to me. I am happy with the services and I really recommend him!



My kids and I got in a car accident and the next step was to find an attorney. I called this law office and was so pleased with how my case was handled. To start, I was actually able to speak to Mr. Vargas about my case. We discussed all of the little details and everything about what happened. His staff was very courteous and respectful. They never left me confused about the status of the case. And last but certainly not least, Mr. Vargas’s exceptional negotiating skills were able to get me a pretty great settlement. I am so grateful that I found this law office! If I am ever in need of an attorney, I will be sure to give Mr. Vargas a call. After this experience, I have no reason not to.



Attorney Vargas was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The staff was so sweet and helpful whenever I would call to check up on my case. The office is so quick and efficient- they really get work done over there! All in all, my experience at this law office was truly exceptional and if you need an attorney, Mr. Vargas is definitely the guy to call!



Fernando Vargas and his staff are totally the best! Mr. Vargas gave me personal attention and was always very caring. His staff is very professional and helpful. Mr. Vargas gave me great advice and got me a great settlement. I recommend Fernando Vargas to anyone who needs a great lawyer. There’s no need to look any further. You are in great hands with Mr. Vargas’s office.



I am very satisfied with the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas after going through the process of my law suite I am very grateful to the competent and professional people in this office and have been helped through this entire process. Thank all of you for your hard work and diligence in helping me settle this matter. You made a difficult process much easier.

Anonymous, a Personal Injury client

There are many lawyers and then there are the very few elite lawyers. Fernando Vargas has to be in the top 1% of the best Lawyers. He is a sharp, very aggressive and meticulous attorney that truly puts his cases together with great detail. Over the years, my wife and I have retained attorney Vargas on several cases and have always had exceptional results. We have even recommended his services to many family members with the same outstanding results every time. Fernando Vargas is a very effective lawyer, he has tremendous passion for what he does, and conducts himself with class. I cannot say enough about how much my wife and I trust, appreciate and respect Fernando Vargas.

Mac B.

My mom and brother were involved in a car accident. They needed to find an exceptional attorney to handle their case. My mom called Attorney Vargas. She was so pleased with how her case was handled, and the communication between her and Mr. Vargas. He explained in great detail and discussed all aspects of her case. The staff was very courteous and respectful to all their needs. She was always kept informed and updated on the status of her case. Mr. Vargas exceptional negotiating skills, were able to get my mom and brother a great settlement. My mom was so grateful, she would highly recommend to her friends and family, Mr. Vargas to handle her case and theirs.

Rudy Acevedo

A true professional and very satisfied with Mr. Vargas and his staff. He helped my father after he was involved in an accident; his staff was very professional and helped us navigate the tedious process. If I had any questions or concerns his staff or Mr. Vargas was there to answer it and if they didn't know they would call back with an answer, and also he was very upfront with us from the beginning. I would recommend Mr. Vargas and his practice to friends and family and I am truly pleased with the results.

Anil Pillai

My kids and I were involved in a car accident. I called the law offices of Fernando D. Vargas and was able to speak to attorney Vargas right away in detail about my case. He was extremely helpful and was always available to answer my questions. His staff is very friendly and professional. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. My kids and I received a great settlement. I would highly recommend Mr. Vargas to anyone who is in search of an outstanding attorney.

Syl V.

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