Had such a great experience working with attorney Fernando D. Vargas and his staff. The staff was always kind and professional when I would call the office for updates on my case. They also returned messages very quickly and answered the phone on the first couple of rings. I definitely recommend Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas because he is a very honest attorney that will be upfront from the beginning. During the first call, I made to Mr.Vargas he gave me some background about his experience and gave me his honest advice. Mr. Vargas is very knowledgeable and experienced overall. I am happy that he was able to settle my case in less than a year.

- Jessica C.

Mr. Vargas & his staff couldn't do it any better then they did. Every time I would call or step into their office they provided professional a %100 on a scale from 1-10 10 being the most helpful & good service & 1 being the lowest on their services I give them a 10 if I could give them 11 or 12 . Five stars. Thank you, Fernando Vargas & staff, for everything:)

- Regina Diaz

I would like to thank Mr. Vargas and his staff in a time of need. they were very professional and explained everything step by step. My uncle was hit by a vehicle which caused him several injuries. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Mr. Vargas' law firm to anyone in need of representation, they are the best at the law firm of Fernando Vargas

- Latonya Carr

Knowledgeable and many years experience in the personal injury and medical malpractice area of law. There is no cost upfront. Will provide the best legal advice. Really impressed by his understanding of this type of law. I highly recommend.

- Julie Franke

Thank you, Fernando Vargas, for doing a good job on my case.

- Antonio Guillory

Mr. Vargas was very professional and was fast to communicate with me on all aspects of my case. His staff was friendly and professional when communicating the steps to my case. They always were open to answer my questions, and I had a lot of them. I recommend the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas to anyone who was had a personal injury.

- Annette Stanley

Very Impressed!!!

Mr Vargas and his staff are great at what they do. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Mr Vargas is the kind of attorney that cares about his practice and his clients. I initially contacted his office on a Father's day and thought he'd call me the next day but he called me that same day. I was actually embarrassed to interrupt him on that day but it showed me the kind of dedication he has to his practice. Very professional !!!!


One of the best Attorneys

Mr. Vargas is a great attorney, he fights for his clients! He recovered a GREAT settlement for my mother and you want Mr. Vargas on your side! The office is very professional and respectful. I would definitely recommend Mr. Vargas and return if I am in need of an attorney again.

-Richard Sanchez

If you're looking for a professional and honest attorney you should contact Mr. Vargas

I previously had my case with another attorney. I had trust that by transferring my case to Mr. Vargas there would be a better resolution of the case and that I would be informed of every step up until the end. I am extremely happy with the way he and his staff handled my case and would refer him to friend and family. He was available to talk about my case whenever and via his personal cell.


Professional at it's best!

I suffered an accident and got the run around from the company owners who were at fault. So I hired attorney Fernando D. Vargas. Mr. Vargas and his team handled my case and addressed all my concerns. I won my case thanks to Mr. Vargas and his team. I received a compensation larger than what I had anticipated and Mr. Vargas also help me get my truck fixed. I hope I never have another accident in my life, But if I do I know I have an attorney that will look out for me and my family. Thank you and your team Mr. Vargas!


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