Personal Injury Accident FAQ

Personal Injury Accident FAQLearn the basics about pursuing a personal injury claim following an accident.

Have you been injured in an accident? Do you believe it was someone else’s fault and you deserve compensation? You may be able to secure the financial compensation you need and deserve with the help of a personal injury accident attorney. The following FAQ will help give you a broad picture of this process.

What kinds of accidents can justify a personal injury claim?

Virtually any kind of accident resulting from the reckless or negligent actions of another party has the potential to justify a personal injury claim. Some common types of accidents we handle at The Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas include:

  • Traffic accidents
    • Car, motorcycle, bus, truck, train, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents
  • Premise accidents
    • Slip and fall, trip and fall, unsafe structure accidents, and more
  • Animal attacks
    • Dog bite accidents
  • Drowning accidents
    • Swimming pool accidents

What should I do after an accident?

The most important thing to do following a personal injury accident is to seek medical attention for your injuries. If you are able, while waiting for EMTs to arrive you should also take steps to photograph the scene of the accident and secure the contact information of any witnesses. This evidence will be extremely helpful in establishing the chain of events that caused your injuries and establishing liability for the accident.

When should I contact an attorney?

Ideally, you should contact a personal injury attorney right away after your accident. Your attorney can assist you in dealing with the insurance companies so that you do not inadvertently say or do anything that could be construed as admitting fault for the accident. Your attorney can also begin securing evidence for use in your future case right away.

How much compensation can I get?

The amount of compensation you may receive in a personal injury accident case may vary widely depending on the nature of your injuries. You can expect to receive compensation for your medical bills, as well as for any lost income during the time when your injuries caused you to miss work. If your injury will require ongoing care, change your earning potential, or change your quality of life, your attorney will also seek compensation for these losses. Injuries causing permanent disfigurement or disability often also justify compensation for pain and suffering.

How long will my case take?

It may take months or even years for your case to settle, depending on whether the other side is open to negotiations and willing to offer a fair settlement or whether they want to go to court. Fernando D. Vargas will always work hard to secure compensation as quickly as possible.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury accident attorney?

There is no initial cost to hire a personal injury accident attorney. You can get a free initial consultation at any time, and if you are accepted as a client your attorney will cover all your legal costs up front. You only have to pay your attorney once they win you a settlement. The attorney’s fee will be a percentage of the settlement—you will agree on the exact number when you hire them.

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