Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue JUUL for addicting my child to nicotine?

Yes.  There are a number of lawsuits currently pending against JUUL.  These lawsuits have been filed by parents on behalf of their children.  While the basis of these claims vary, most include an element of product liability.  These lawsuits argue that JUUL failed to warn consumers of the heightened risks of nicotine exposure and addiction in their products, and design defects because the product delivers more nicotine than users realize.

JUUL has been accused of intentionally targeting teens in its marketing and the way that its products are designed.  Because of this — and due to the unusually high levels of nicotine in its products — children and teens have become addicted to JUUL.  If your child has developed a nicotine addiction after using JUUL, a personal injury attorney Rancho Cucamonga, CA can help you seek recovery.

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