Why Do Motorcycle Drivers So Commonly Collide with Fixed Objects?


Why Do Motorcycle Drivers So Commonly Collide with Fixed Objects?

Why Do Motorcycle Drivers So Commonly Collide with Fixed Objects?

One motorcycle accident is too many but it seems unlikely that we will be stopping all motorcycle accidents in the near future. However, by better understand what causes them, we can learn how to reduce the chance of being involved in one. Keep reading to learn about the high number of these accidents with fixed objects and to discover other common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Comparing the Rate of Accidents with Fixed Objects

The number of fatal motorcycle accidents involving fixed objects is higher for motorcycles than for any other type of vehicle. Consider that in 2017, nearly one in four motorcycles in fatal accidents collided fixed objects. Then consider that only 16% of fatal passenger car accidents were with fixed objects, 13% of light trucks, and 4% for large trucks.

Why Are These Numbers Significant?

You might wonder: What does this data really tell us? The important take away is that an accident in which a motorcycle hits a fixed object is a single-vehicle accident and is generally caused by rider error. The more we know about what the causes of these accidents are, the more preventable they can become – and the more lives can be saved.

Rider Error is a Factor in Two Out of Three Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents

According to one study by the Hurt Report, motorcycle error was the most important factor in about 66% of all single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. The most common error was sliding out and falling, which was most commonly due to over braking. There was also a high number of riders running wide on a curve faster than was safe, or under-cornering.

This is very different than in two+-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, in which 66% involved the other driver violating the motorcycle’s right of way and causing the crash. This is why many programs designed to reduce motorcycle rider deaths look to find ways to help others on the road understand the motorcycle rider’s rights.

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