How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian on California’s Roads

How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian on California’s Roads

Pedestrian accidents happen every day in Southern California. They happen when a person is crossing the street by foot, riding a bike, or getting into a car or onto a bus. Pedestrian accidents can even happen when a person is simply standing on the sidewalk.

These days, distracted driving is often the case of these accidents – but it isn’t always. In some instances, injuries could be prevented if the driver was simply paying attention. If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian then we urge you to call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 right now for a free legal consultation. If you haven’t been injured as a pedestrian, then we urge you to read these tips to reduce the chance that you will be.

Make sure you’re visible

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has offered some tips to help and keep Californians safe from pedestrian or bicycle accidents. Their first tip is to make sure that you’re visible. If it’s dark out, avoid wearing dark clothes that can make it difficult to see you. Don’t just look at vehicles, make eye contact with the driver to assure they can see you. If you come out between cars or other obstacles, take extra care to make sure the coast is clear. Never run out into the street without looking both ways.

Look and listen

When you hear “look both ways before crossing the street,” you likely think of the advice given to kids. However, this is just as relevant to adults. Look for headlights at night. Don’t assume that vehicles are going to stop if you cross, even if they’re legally required to do so. Use your ears too. Listen for traffic, listening for engines, and listen for brakes.

Follow the rules even if others aren’t

It may be tempting to jaywalk when you don’t see anyone around and it’s faster than going to a crosswalk, but it can be extremely dangerous. If you expect cars to follow the rules, signs, and signals as they’re required by law to do, then you should do the same. Go to a stoplight whenever possible and wait for a “Walk” signal. Even when you see it, check both ways to make sure that cars are following directions.

Cyclists have their own set of rules

As a bicyclist in Southern California, you have your own rules of the road. Make sure you signal every turn. Always keep both your hands on the handlebars. Wear a helmet, and if you bike at night be sure to use reflective gear and LED lighting. Don’t ever get on your phone while on your bike. These tips can not only prevent accidents but can help you react safely if you are struck.

Call us today if you’ve been injured in a California accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident in California then you need to talk to a personal injury attorney. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we’ll start off with a free legal consultation during which we’ll offer our advice on how to proceed. Call us today at 909-982-0707 to get started.

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