Read This if an Insurance Company is Not Offering Fair Value for Your Vehicle After a Rancho Cucamonga Car Accident

You have the right to seek damages against the driver who caused your injuries in an automobile accident. This is often covered by their insurance provider. The ideal scenario is that you submit your damages and they pay you the proper sum, but what happens when they do not? For a free legal consultation, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 after reading on to discover more about your choices.

Unfair offers for car damage

If you do not work in the auto repair sector, you might not be able to determine with certainty if the offer you are receiving to fix or replace your car is reasonable. You should be aware, though, that just because an insurance adjuster says your car is worth a specific sum of money or that the cost of the repairs should be a given number, it does not always follow that they are accurate.

This is one of the main justifications for why we so highly advise hiring a personal injury lawyer. Because the initial offer is rarely reasonable, we hardly ever accept it on behalf of our customers. We can strive to ascertain the real worth and persuade the insurance provider to give you the money you are due.

What goes into determining your vehicle’s value?

In order to make sure that you receive a fair offer for your automobile, we will need to establish its worth. We will consult with specialists, appraisers, and other professionals who can estimate not just the cost of repairing your car but also how much its worth may decline as a result of the collision. After all, prospective buyers are more likely to pay extra for a secondhand car that has not been in a major collision than one that has.

The amount of depreciation varies on the make, model, and pre-accident worth of an automobile, as well as the degree and kind of damage, therefore there is no set formula to determine it. In addition to repair costs, you have the right to get back the difference between the car’s pre-accident and post-accident values.

What happens if the value of your car is lower than the amount you owe?

Another challenging circumstance that could occur is when you owe more money on your car than it is worth. Who will be liable for the additional $2,000 if the adjuster determines that your car is worth $7,000 but you still owe $9,000, for instance? The circumstances of your case and your insurance coverage truly determine this. For a free legal consultation, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707.