Protect Your Personal Injury Claim from the Three D’s


Protect Your Personal Injury Claim from the Three D’s

A personal injury attorney can help you resist efforts to unfairly delay, deny, or diminish your claim

Protect Your Personal Injury Claim from the Three D’sIf you have been injured in any kind of accident and you find yourself needing to make a claim against the liable party’s insurance coverage, you are going to come up against the Three D’s.

The Three D’s are the insurance company’s main strategies for protecting their own interests and avoiding paying out on your claim. Fortunately, with an experienced personal injury attorney like Fernando D. Vargas on your side, you will be able to fight back against these strategies and receive the full and fair amount of compensation you may deserve.


Although many insurance companies tout their commitment to resolving and paying claims quickly, in reality this applies mainly to claims made by their own customers. After all, they want to keep their customers happy. They do not necessarily care if personal injury victims like you are happy with their service. Not only is your case not necessarily a priority; in some cases insurance adjusters will actually deliberately dawdle when responding to claims. Their hope is that you will either give up entirely, or be so tired of waiting that you will snap up any settlement offer they do eventually make—even if it is really low.

By communicating with the insurance company through your personal injury attorney, you can command more respect and attention. Your attorney can also help keep you from becoming desperate in the face of delays.


If there is any doubt as to the defendant’s liability for your accident and your injuries, the insurance adjuster will not hesitate to exploit it. They may try to argue that you caused or contributed to your own injury and therefore you are not entitled to any compensation at all.

On your own, you might believe them. But with the support of a personal injury attorney, you will know your rights under the law. You will also understand the strength of the evidence in your case and if the insurance company does deny your claim you will know if it is in your interests to file a lawsuit against them.


In cases where it is clear that you are owed some compensation, the insurance company will focus on trying to get you to accept the lowest possible settlement offer. You will probably hear some of the favorite lies used by insurance adjusters, such as “This is my best offer” or “Your pain and suffering is not worth that much.”

Fortunately, you will be able to see through these kinds of lies with help from your personal injury attorney. Your attorney will help you calculate a reasonable figure for your damages and then negotiate for you to receive fair compensation. He can evaluate any settlement offers for you and make sure you are not accepting an unfairly diminished offer.

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