Learn about the issues that delay the resolution of personal injury cases.

Why Do Personal Injury Cases Take So Long?If you have been injured in any kind of accident due to the negligence of another party, you are entitled to compensation. While you probably want to receive this compensation ASAP so that you can get the financial support you need during your recovery, the fact of the matter is that personal injury cases often take months or even years to resolve, depending on the circumstances.

Resolving the matter in negotiations outside of court will help, because at least you will not have to endure all the time-consuming and potentially stressful steps required to actually litigate a personal injury case. However, you may still experience more delays than you would like.

Here are some possible reasons why:

Investigation Is Required

In order to make a claim for compensation following an accident, you have to prove who was legally liable for the accident. Sometimes this is quite clear, but more often proving liability requires detailed investigation on the part of your personal injury attorney and their team. They will need to gather all the evidence they can to support your side of the story. At the same time, the defense will likely be conducting their own investigation and you will have to comply with their many requests for information and interviews.

It Can Take Time to Understand Your Damages

If you want to receive fair compensation for your injuries and suffering, obviously it is very important to know the full extent of those injuries and their impact on your life. This may require waiting until you have reached the point of maximum recovery from your injuries, or until the statute of limitations for filing a claim is about to expire—whichever comes first.

Insurance Companies May Have Incentive to Delay

Another issue that can cause delays in the personal injury settlement process is the simple fact that the defendant’s insurance company might not have any incentive to act quickly. Insurance companies know from experience that injured victims can become impatient and frustrated the longer their case goes on, and may therefore be likely to accept a lowball offer just to get the matter resolved.

You Have to Work with the Court’s Schedule

If you do not receive a satisfactory settlement offer during initial negotiations and you end up having to file a lawsuit, naturally this will add a whole other set of delays to the process as you will have to wait until your case’s scheduled date. Your court date may be seta year or more in the future.

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