Do You Know How Many California Motorcycle Accidents Involve a Solo Driver? There’s been a wave of education in California in the last few years designed to help drivers be more aware of sharing the road with motorcycles. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we’re certainly glad to see these efforts because the truth is that most motorcycle accidents do involve another driver. However it’s also important to remember that not all of them do. Let’s take a look at the stats and then discuss a few ways motorcycle drivers can stay safer.

About 33% of fatal motorcycle accidents don’t involve another vehicle

According to the California Highway Patrol, about one in three fatal motorcycle accidents didn’t involve another vehicle. Though some of these solo crashes are still caused by other drivers, California Highway Patrol notes that in 92% of solo accidents, the fault was with the motorcyclist. According to one traffic safety expert, there are many different issues that lead to solo crashes and there isn’t a single thing to be done to protect everyone – though there are several that can be attempted.

The most common rider issues that lead to fatal motorcycle accidents

According to that traffic safety expert, some of the reasons that motorcyclists get into solo accidents is because they turn too fast, they’re tailgating, they brake badly, or they overbrake and then slide out. Research has shown that rider training and rider experience don’t actually help prevent rider collision avoidance errors.

California motorcycle drivers have unique challenges

Though motorcyclists all over the country can become involved in these types of accidents, California drivers have one specific unique danger: The scenic mountains. People who are new to riding, or who are speeding, are likely to head up into some of the most amazing mountain roads in the country. Going too fast on these tight turns can lead to tragedy. In fact, the Southern California Motorcycling Association has said that single-vehicle accidents on these mountains happen at alarming rates.

Proper equipment is likely the best answer

So what do we do to prevent motorcycle fatalities? The truth is that most people who survive had proper safety equipment on. Study after study has shown that having the right safety gear is the best way to increase the chances of surviving an accident and minimizing injuries. The proper safety equipment includes a good helmet, armored riding pants, heavy boots, armored gloves, and a jacket.

If you’ve lost someone in a motorcycle accident we may be able to help

If you’ve lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, don’t assume that there’s nothing to be done. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas we can provide you with a free case evaluation. We’ll let you know what your options are, whether you have a case, and how you can pursue it. We have decades of experience and can take your case on a contingency basis so you have no upfront costs. Call us at 909-982-0707 to learn more.