It is Time for Summer Bike Safety Lessons: Get Advice from a Rancho Cucamonga Personal Injury Attorney

It is Time for Summer Bike Safety Lessons: Get Advice from a Rancho Cucamonga Personal Injury Attorney

In California, biking is a well-liked mode of transportation and entertainment. In several parts of the state, a lot of people commute on bicycles all year round. However, it appears that more people ride bicycles in the summer when kids are off from school for the break. So now is a good moment for our California bicycle accident lawyer to go over some fundamental bicycle safety guidelines.

Cross the street only at intersections or crosswalks

Make sure you are at a crosswalk or junction when you need to cross the street. In these areas, drivers watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists.

Ensure visibility to other road users

Even if it is nighttime or there is limited visibility, it is crucial that other drivers can see you. Having a headlight and a taillight on your bike is a smart idea. To increase visibility even further, it is a good idea to install reflectors on the front and back of your bike.

Wear the correct safety equipment

It is crucial to make sure your bike is equipped with the proper gear, but it is also important to dress appropriately for yourself. Every time you ride, be sure to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, and knee pads. In order to lessen the possibility of suffering a catastrophic injury in the event of a bike accident, you should also be wearing a bike helmet and other safety equipment.

Ride with others

If at all possible, organize a ride with some companions. Drivers and pedestrians are more likely to see you if there are more of you around. You are less likely to be hurt in an accident the more likely they are to see you.

Always be on guard

The use of headphones while bicycling is not advised. Talking on a telephone while riding a bike is not a good idea. Being entirely aware of everything going on around you is the aim. It is necessary to employ all of your senses, especially hearing.

Use hand signals

It is not just required by law to use the right hand signals; it is also vital for safety. You should signal to other drivers on the road that you are going to turn, just as a driver is required to do so and indicate which way they are turning.

Before you ride on the road, inspect your bike

Never set out on a bicycle ride without properly inspecting it. Check the pressure in the tires. Verify that your brakes function. An important accident can be avoided with a quick walk around.

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