How One Woman’s Attempted Suicide Could Lead to Criminal Charges and a Wrongful Death Suit


How One Woman’s Attempted Suicide Could Lead to Criminal Charges and a Wrongful Death Suit

How One Woman’s Attempted Suicide Could Lead to Criminal Charges and a Wrongful Death Suit

When a person gets desperate enough to take their own life, they’re clearly having trouble imagining the future for themselves, let alone another people. If their suicide attempt injuries or kills others, can they be held responsible? A local case will be answering that but from what’s currently known it appears that the answer is yes – the woman will be held accountable.

A woman is being held on bond

The woman in question is being held on a bond of $1.5 million. She’s facing second-degree murder charges in relation to an accident in which she purposely drove head-on into freeway traffic. It was reportedly an attempt at suicide. She survived, but a 29-year old woman died as a result. The woman in jail was sent there after being treated for a broken leg at the hospital.

The woman was driving north in Interstate 5

According to prosecutors, the driver of the car was a 28-year-old woman who was traveling north on Interstate 5 close to Redding. She crossed over the median and drove into oncoming traffic. They have determined that she did so intentionally to take your own life. There were three vehicles that avoided her but eventually she struck the vehicle of a man traveling to Sacrament to start a residency program.

She’s facing additional charges

The DA in Shasta County has charged the woman with more than just second-degree murder. The woman is also being charged for three counts of attempted murder as well as three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, based on her attempts to hit the three drivers who were able to get out of her way. There’s also a question of whether or not they’re going to charge her with felony vandalism for her damage to the median. She has a public defender appointed to her case.

The survivors may cause for a wrongful death lawsuit

In this instance, it’s likely that he survivors will also have a case for a wrongful death suit against the woman who was trying to take her life. Those survivors may be able to recover funds for the pain and suffering they had as a result of losing their loved one, they may be eligible for damages related to the potential future earnings of their loved one, and they may be eligible for the cost of funeral and burial. If the deceased had medical care for the accident prior to passing away, then that may be recoverable as well.

Have you suffered from the death of a loved one in an accident related to someone else’s negligence or recklessness?

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