How to Find an Affordable Car Accident Lawyer in Riverside CA


How to Find an Affordable Car Accident Lawyer in Riverside CA

4 easy steps to retaining an affordable & skillful car accident lawyer in Riverside CA

How to Find an Affordable Car Accident Lawyer in Riverside CAHave you been injured in a car accident? You may be wondering if your case justifies involving an attorney, and if so, what your attorney’s services will cost. Fortunately you can find the answers to your questions in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Meet with Potential Attorneys

As a first step to finding your affordable car accident lawyer in Riverside CA, you need to start meeting with various attorneys to learn more about your qualifications, get a sense of how they would treat you as a client, and of course learn what they charge for representation. Many car accident attorneys, including Fernando D. Vargas, offer free initial consultations for this very purpose. If you are considering hiring an attorney who does NOT offer free consultations, this is a red flag that their services may not be very affordable.

Step 2: Discuss Your Case

During your free initial case evaluation, you will have the opportunity to give your lawyer a broad overview of the facts of your case and learn whether or not you have legal grounds for a car accident injury claim. It is important to be honest about the circumstances of the accident and the extent of your injuries so that your prospective car accident lawyer in Riverside CA can make an accurate assessment of the strength of your case. In general, you need to have significant injuries and high medical expenses and/or high pain and suffering in order to make hiring an attorney a cost-effective proposition.

Step 3: Discuss Fees

If your car accident lawyer in Riverside CA has confirmed that you have a strong case for compensation, it is time to talk fees. Typically, personal injury attorneys do not charge by the hour. Rather, they will take a percentage of your eventual compensation as their fee. This percentage can vary based on the attorney and the complexity of your case. Most attorneys charge a lower fee for cases that are resolved in settlement negotiations, and an increased fee if the case has to go to court. Before you retain any attorney, be sure you understand how their fee structure works and what additional expenses you may be responsible for repaying from your settlement (such as expert witness fees, court transcript fees, etc.).

Step 4: Hire Attorney Vargas on a Contingency Fee Basis

Fernando D. Vargas makes an extremely affordable choice of car accident lawyer in Riverside CA for several reasons. First of all, he works on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not have to pay him anything for his services until he wins you a settlement. If he does not succeed in securing this compensation, you do not have to pay his fee or repay him for any expenses associated with preparing your case. There is absolutely no risk for you here. Secondly, Attorney Vargas’ fees are fair and in line with the industry standard. Finally, Attorney Vargas delivers a superior level of service for your money. He will fight aggressively to maximize your compensation and make sure you feel taken care of every step of the way as your case progresses.

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