Drivers Not Making Full Stops are the Cause of Thousands of Pedestrian Accidents

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made it clear that California drivers not making full stops are a serious problem in this state. According to their stats, more than 700 people were killed in 2014 in pedestrian accidents in California and more than half of them involved a driver turning right at a red light. Pedestrians injured in similar instances mounts into the thousands – though these are just estimates because not all pedestrians report minor injuries.

A new law is up for vote that may change everything

According to the current California Vehicle Code, drivers must make a full stop at red lights before turning right. However, many drivers don’t. This is an issue because pedestrians have the right of way, yet if drivers aren’t stopping they are in grave danger.

The new law, proposed by Senator Jerry Hill, would lower fines for people who make a rolling stop at red lights. As of today, no one is opposing the bill and it’s expected to get final approve in the state senate. Senator Hill says that he introduced the bill because so many people were complaining about getting red light camera tickets when not making complete stops at red lights.

This new law could be disastrous for pedestrians

At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we care deeply about the safety of California citizens on the road, whether they’re pedestrians or drivers. This new bill, though well intended, could have some significant negative impact. The main issue is the careless wording of the bill. The current vehicle code states that drivers must stop at a red light before they turn, but the new law says they must “use caution” when turning right on a red light.

Safety advocates aren’t necessarily against the idea behind the bill but they do feel that it needs to be more specific or it could be very dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers can simply roll through a red light and claim they used caution in the event they’re involved in a pedestrian accident.

This rule may be especially dangerous in California

It’s long been a point of pride for Californians: many of us lead healthier lifestyles. That includes getting out and walking, riding bikes, or skating. Throughout the state, new bike lanes are constantly being installed to encourage riders to get out on the roads. Now, with careless wording in this bill, the number of California pedestrian deaths could rise.

Are you a pedestrian who’s been injured?

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