A Deadly Hit and Run Bike Accident Shocks the State

Bike riders are already vulnerable to a population driving cars, but when there’s a hit and run accident involving a bike rider, it’s even more upsetting to people. In some cases, the driver may stop and then leave, while others don’t stop at all. A story about one such bike accident involving a hit and run driver has been upsetting a Riverside community.

The accident in question happened in Jurupa Valley

The accident we’re discussing today involved a black sedan and a bicyclist. Both were traveling on Limonite Avenue in Jurupa Valley. The bicyclist didn’t die at the scene but was later pronounced dead as a result of his catastrophic injuries during the car accident. Not only did the driver not stop at a red light at the intersection in which the accident took place, but the driver was driving west in an eastbound lane when it hit the bicyclist.

This accident was far from unusual

It’s a sad truth that bike accidents are all too common. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration all worked together to find that there are more than 700 fatal car accidents each year involving bikes. As for bicyclists, about 49,000 become injured every year – which is up almost ten percent compared to stats from a decade ago.

Why are bikes so susceptible to accidents?

People who study these types of accidents point out that about 1% of trips in the United States are taken via bike. However, bike fatalities make up about two percent of every traffic death. Why are bikes so overrepresented in these stats? It’s not clear, but it may be the simple fact that it takes longer for a bike to cover the same distance as a car. For example, while a car can travel ten miles in no time at all, a bike takes a lot longer to travel that distance – which means the bike rider is exposed to traffic for longer.

There’s no excuse for fleeing the scene of an accident

No matter how frequently or rarely bicycle accidents happen, there’s no excuse for this driver’s behavior. We don’t have all the details so we don’t yet know how long it was until help was given to the victim. It may be the case that the victim would have had a much better chance at surviving if the driver had gotten them immediate help. In that case, there could be serious criminal and civil charges against the driver.

Do you need the assistance of a personal injury attorney?

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