Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths Cases in California

It is true that everyone will eventually die, but when someone causes a death that would have otherwise been prolonged, they may be guilty of a legal concept known as wrongful death. In this instance, the law recognizes that the at-fault party should be accountable for what they did. Criminal cases will address whether they broke the law and should be judicially punished.

On the other hand, a civil lawsuit, known as a wrongful death lawsuit in this instance, is used to recover financial damages for the family of the deceased and, in some cases, to financially punish the at-fault party. Keep reading to find out more about common causes of wrongful death cases. If you believe you may have cause for one, contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to learn more.

Many Wrongful Death Cases Involve Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is very common for a wrongful death case to involve a car accident or other type of vehicle accident. Some actions a driver could take that may lead to them being found at-fault in a wrongful death lawsuit include drunk driving or aggressive driving such as road rage, attempting to cut a driver off, pass someone, or drag racing. Distracted driving, such as texting while driving, or driving while drowsy can also be causes of wrongful death car accidents.

Other Wrongful Deaths Cases Happen at Work

Another common type of wrongful death case is one that happens at work. People go to work and have an expectation that they will be paid for the work they do and that they will be relatively safe while they are doing said work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some work accidents are as simple as slip and fall accidents. Others are more involved.

Some of the types of at-work wrongful death accidents we have seen include injuries caused by machinery, fire, or electrocution. We have seen people killed when items fell from a high place, such as a hammer falling from the fifth floor of a construction site. We have seen people die due to chemical skills, and many people killed because their workplace did not have adequate safety or security protocols in place.

If You Have Lost a Loved One Then It is Worth Getting a Free Legal Consultation

The bottom line is this: If you have lost a loved one due to an accident that was the fault of another person, then you deserve a free legal consultation. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas we are happy to provide this. All you have to do is call us at 909-982-0707 and give us the basic background of your story. We will consider all aspects and offer our best legal opinion on how you should proceed.