Behind the Scenes: Learn the Advice Personal Injury Attorneys Wished Every Client Took

Many people who get to the point of needing to file a personal injury lawsuit are in pain, have been without work for months, or otherwise are not at their best. For this and other reasons, personal injury attorneys are generally willing to work with clients where they are. However, there are a few pieces of advice that could really help a person’s case if they were to follow them.

Give Your Attorney Specific Information

Your attorney needs more than just basic information about your case. The more information you can provide for your personal injury attorney, the better able we will be to help you. This is why we recommend you write down everything you remember about the accident as soon as possible after the accident. It may feel as though you would never forget what happened but you may be surprised – you can lose a lot of information due to being in shock.

Remember That Your Best Interests Are the Same as Our Best Interests

When we give you advice on your case, we welcome you to ask questions so that you understand it. However, do not make decisions based on the idea that we are not keeping your best interests in mind. Remember that we take the case a contingency basis. This means that if we do not win your case, we do not get paid.

Likewise, our payment is based on a percentage of your award. As a result, we want to get you the highest settlement or award possible. The best thing you can do is to remember that you and your attorney are on the same side – and follow our advice accordingly.

Try Not to Take Your Case Personally

We know that when you have suffered significant injury or lost a loved one due to an accident, it seems impossible not to take your personal injury case personally. We understand that. However, if you are stuck in emotion instead of rational thought, you may easily make a decision that does not get you what you want in the end. One of the many reasons you want the right attorney on your side is that we can take the emotion out of it and help you see what makes the most sense.

Be Honest with Us About Everything

In the event that a client has something they assume will negatively impact their case, they often assume that their best option is to keep that information to themselves. This is a mistake. The last thing we want is to be mid-trial and surprised by a piece of evidence the plaintiff’s legal team comes up with. The more information you give us – and the more honest you are with us – the better able we will be to represent you.

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