Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: What Do I Do if My Parked Car Was Hit and No One Left a Note?

After a hard day at the workplace, you do not anticipate finding that your automobile has been damaged when you return. Unfortunately, this occurs far too frequently. If someone damaged your automobile while it was parked and no one left a message accepting responsibility, you might be unclear of how to proceed. To find out the steps you should think about, keep reading.

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Look for eyewitnesses

A hit-and-run victim frequently feels compelled to immediately search for the driver of the vehicle that caused the collision. They should instead spend their time trying to find anyone who may have seen the accident, though. They are more likely to recall what they saw if you question them right away.

Locate cameras

Cameras may have captured the collision if your automobile was parked at a shop, mall, or bank. The camera should have captured the license plate number. If the video is not sufficiently clear, you may at least pinpoint the color or perhaps the specific make and model of the automobile that was utilized, or information about the driver.

Record and photograph the damage

Before you leave the scene, take photographs. These pictures have to be shot from different perspectives, and they ought to show the surroundings as well. Make careful to record any video, such as paint scratches, that might help identify who did the damage. Video documentation of the accident’s precise angles is preferable.

Call the police and your insurance company

You must submit a police complaint if you are unsure of who struck your automobile. After completing this, you may get in touch with your insurance provider. A police report must often be made before an insurance company would examine your claim. Even if you think you will quickly locate the motorist, call the police and your insurance provider immediately away.

Speak with a personal injury lawyer

If the accident left you hurt, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. For instance, if you had a cut, bruising, or other more serious injury while inside the automobile when it was hit, you may need to file a lawsuit to recover your losses. You could have a case if you were not in the automobile but cut yourself on the damage to the car.

If the responsible party is identified, you could still have a personal injury case even if you were not hurt. The majority of these instances do include bodily harm, but there should also be compensation for any property loss. For a case review, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707.