Another Bicyclist Dies on Pacific Coast Highway: Learn How to Respond to a Tragedy in Your Family

Another Bicyclist Dies on Pacific Coast Highway: Learn How to Respond to a Tragedy in Your Family

There’s sad news out of Santa Monica once again. A few weeks ago, yet another bicyclist was killed while riding on the Pacific Coast Highway. This is a tragedy that the family of the deceased will likely never get over. Read on to learn more about it and then learn how you may be able to file a wrongful death case if you’ve lost a loved one in a similar accident.

More details about the accident

It occurred a few weeks ago at around 7 PM. The person on the bike was going north on Pacific Coast Highway. The bike accident involved the individual getting hit by a car from behind. The bicyclist had serious injuries that end up being fatal. The driver immediately left the scene but did return and speak with police about the case. If they hadn’t, then they could be facing even more serious criminal charges. It is a felony in the state of California to leave the site of an auto accident at which there’s been a serious injury.

The investigation is ongoing

The crash is currently being investigated by the local police. They say that at this point, there’s no evidence that the driver of the car was drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Police also report that this is the eighth fatal pedestrian accident in Santa Monica this year. Compare that to 2016 when there was only one pedestrian fatality, or 2015 which also only saw one pedestrian fatality, and it’s easy to see that this has been one of the deadliest years for Santa Monica pedestrians and bike riders in quite some time.

This isn’t the only evidence that points toward more accidents

Simply looking at the number of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bike accidents in Santa Monica this year is enough to see what appears to be a huge uptick in accidents. However, there’s actually a lot more evidence that our roads are getting more and more dangerous every year – despite the fact that new safety innovations are being added to vehicles every year.

Experts claim there are a few different reasons for this uptick in accidents, though most of them involve drivers being distracted. Whether a driver is on their cell phone while driving, or using the installed infotainment center in their vehicles, there is more than ever before to distract drivers – and this is leading to the loss of lives across the country.

What to do if you lose a family member to a tragic accident

If a loved one has lost their life in a tragic accident like this one, then you may have grounds to file a wrongful death case. This can help reimburse you for damages such as funeral and burial expenses, any applicable medical bills associated with the accident before death, lost wages of the deceased, and more. The easy way to find out if you’re entitled to file this case is to reach out to Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.

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