5 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You


5 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Hiring a personal injury attorney offers significant benefits over representing yourself.

5 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help YouIf you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you might feel you have a very clear case for compensation. In fact, it might seem so clear and obvious that you cannot imagine how hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you could help your position.

The reality is that although you are technically able to proceed pro se, or as your own legal counsel, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will make your case go much more smoothly and likely result in a larger settlement as well. Why? Because a personal injury attorney can do the following 5 things that you probably cannot:

Identify & Prove Key Facts: While proving the nature and extent of your injury is certainly important, it is not the only fact that must be proved in order to win your personal injury case. You also need to prove liability for your injury, a process that can become quite complicated due to the legal principles involved. As a layperson, you may not even realize what facts need to be established in order to prove liability and win your case, but your attorney certainly will.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement: Negotiating a settlement is almost always preferable to the delays and hassles of going to trial—provided of course that the settlement is fair. While you might not know what to realistically expect from your case, your attorney will understand what range of compensation would be appropriate in a settlement, based on the individual circumstances of your case. They will be able to stand firm for a fair settlement, or proceed to trial if needed.

Meet Important Deadlines: If you miss important deadlines for filing your case, you cannot even hope to secure fair compensation for your injuries. Do not risk making a mistake—hire a personal injury attorney who knows what steps need to be taken when.

Prevent Unfavorable Removal: If a large corporation was responsible for your injury, they might attempt to have your case removed from state court to federal court, as federal courts are generally considered more favorable to defendants in personal injury cases. With an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, you can fight this.

Respond to the Other Side: Even if you decide to represent yourself, the party responsible for your injury will almost certainly have an attorney. Their attorney will no doubt be trying to exploit every possible legal avenue to help their client. In order to fight back, you will need to understand the rules of civil procedure, the rules of legal evidence, and more. Rather than read an entire law library yourself, it is much easier to just hire a personal injury attorney.

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