4 Safety-Conscious Windshield Upgrades Coming Soon?


4 Safety-Conscious Windshield Upgrades Coming Soon?

New technology for windshield design and functionality promises to reduce car accidents

4 Safety-Conscious Windshield Upgrades Coming Soon?

Vehicle technology is constantly improving in ways that promise to make driving safer and easier and prevent many car accidents and injuries. Here are 4 interesting possibilities for how windshields may be improved in the near future to help reduce accidents.

Improved Visibility

Right now, driving directly into the sun can present some serious visibility challenges as it takes time for your eyes to adjust to sudden bursts of light or shade as the road twists and turns. In the future, auto manufacturers plan to introduce photochromic dyes into windshields, giving them the ability to adjust to current light conditions, darkening in sunlight and lightening in the shade.

There is also the potential for automakers to use nanotechnology to add thermal imaging capabilities to windshields. This would help improve night visibility.

Heads-Up Displays

Many drivers rely on technology such as GPS guidance to navigate unfamiliar routes. Unfortunately, current GPS systems can distract drivers by taking their eyes off the road. Heads-up displays integrated right into the windshield can help reduce distraction by presenting information in a driver’s line of sight, thus eliminating the need to take eyes off the road. All kinds of critical information like speed, safety warnings, and even the type of projected guidelines currently seen in back-up cameras could be projected onto the heads-up windshield display.

Safety Sensors

Many vehicles are already being designed with various types of safety sensors and mini cameras distributed around the vehicle to help warn drivers of hazards such as a vehicle entering their blind spot or an obstacle behind their vehicle when backing up. In the future, experts expect that some of these sensors and cameras could be incorporated directly into the glass of the windshield. For example, a camera facing the driver could track eye movement to detect if the driver becomes drowsy or falls asleep. If this happens, a vehicle with autonomous driving capabilities could guide the vehicle safely off the road.

Self-Cleaning Windshields

Nanotechnology and improved aerodynamics can combine to create windshields that are essentially self-cleaning and can ensure clear visibility for drivers under a variety of conditions. Windshield wipers could easily become obsolete. Since windshield coatings do have the potential to wear away over time, automakers are experimenting with high-frequency sound waves on smart windshields to repel water, ice, and oil.

Injured in a Car Accident? Attorney Vargas Can Help

Of course, regardless of how many safety features are introduced to promote safe driving in a particular vehicle, there is always the possibility of another vehicle causing an accident due to the negligence or recklessness of that vehicle’s driver.

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