4 Reasons Motorcycle Riders Are More Likely to Be Involved in Serious Accident Than a Car Driver

The bad news for motorcycle riders is that fatal motorcycle accidents have done nothing but increase in the last few decades. Consider that in 2016 alone there were nearly 5,000 motorcycle accident deaths in the U.S. alone. This is 13% of all fatal vehicle accidents in the country – despite the fact that there are 16 times as many passenger vehicles as there are motorcycles.

Many may wonder: Why are motorcycle accidents so much more likely to be serious? Read on to learn the four main reasons. Then contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.

  1. Motorcycles are Less Visible to Cars
  2. One of the simplest reasons that motorcycles are more likely to be involved in accidents is because cars are more likely to see other cars than they are to see motorcycles. This is due in large part to the fact that car drivers are not always keeping an eye out for motorcycles. If they were, they would know to check their blind spots and many motorcycle deaths could be avoided.
  3. Motorcycles Are Not as Stable as Cars
  4. This is not exactly a secret – motorcycles that have two wheels are less stable than cars that have four wheels. As a result, a motorcycle rider is much more likely to fall when going around corners, at stop signs, or anywhere else. Motorcycles with sidecars are somewhat safer but still lack the four wheel safety of a passenger vehicle.
  5. Motorcycles Have High Performance Capabilities
  6. Put simply, motorcycles are often built to be driven “fast and furious.” In fact, a person on a motorcycle can get caught up in the adrenaline, the wind flying through their hair, and the excitement of it all. This can result in speeding – which is one of the top factors that turns what would have been a survivable accident into a fatal accident.
  7. Motorcycles Do Not Have the Protection Cars Do
  8. All it takes is a glance at a person on a motorcycle compared to a person in a car to see that the person on the motorcycle is much less protected. While cars have steel bodies, motorcycles leave riders open to the elements. Even if the rider wears maximum safety gear, including helmet gloves, etc., they are still much more likely to be injured or killed. Likewise, motorcycles do not have the safety equipment cars do, such as airbags.

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