The Alarming Frequency and Cost of Motorcycle Accidents May Shock You


The Alarming Frequency and Cost of Motorcycle Accidents May Shock You

December 10, 2017

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident then you already know how costly it can be. No one wants to get into this kind of accident on purpose, yet it happens more often than you may think. Read on to learn about the frequency and cost of motorcycle accidents. If you’ve been injured in […]

Drowning is Preventable: Learn How to Keep Your Children Safe

December 9, 2017

Winter may be upon us but that doesn’t mean that drowning accidents are going to stop. The unfortunate part of these types of accidents is that they often lead to feelings of guilt due to the fact that they’re often preventable. Read on to learn about steps you can take to keep your child safe […]

Could Cars of the Future Predict and Prevent Car Accidents Caused by Medical Emergencies?

December 8, 2017

When most people think of preventable car accidents, they think of people driving while distracted, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They think of fatal car accidents that were caused by a person running a red light or not heeding a stop sign. The truth is that a much larger number than […]

Are California’s Lack of Boating Regulations Putting Us at Danger?

December 7, 2017

Boating season is over for most areas in California, yet that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop talking about our boating laws. In fact, at , we think know is the perfect time. Some experts believe that the lack of state laws in California are making our waterways unsafe for everyone. Let’s examine the laws […]

A Senior Citizen’s Efforts to Get Healthy Could End Up Killing Them

December 6, 2017

There’s no question that California has a higher than average rate of pedestrian deaths. This is something that’s been true for a long time and it doesn’t show any signs of decreasing. However, new studies are showing that there may be more to these stats than the simple fact that everyone is in danger when […]

Can You Guess the 6 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

December 5, 2017

Car accidents happen across the country – and the state of California – every day. Some are freak accidents that no one could have seen coming and others are easier to predict. If you think you can guess the top six reasons that car accidents happen in the U.S., then keep reading to find out […]

Don’t Become a Bicycle Accident Statistic: 3 Important Bike Safety Tips

December 4, 2017

There are many reasons people choose to ride bikes. Some ride a bike to work every day and save natural resources and lots of money in the process. Others ride on the weekends for fun. No matter how often – or how seldom – you ride a bike, it’s important to stay as safe as […]

Filing a Wrongful Death Case After a Heart Attack: Learn About One Extreme Example

December 3, 2017

In many cases, a heart attack is considered a natural cause of death. If a person dies from natural causes, then there’s no grounds for filing a wrongful death case. Or is there? One case involving a man, his son, and a professional football game is making some people wonder the limits of wrongful death […]

Property Owners Have a Legal Duty to Be Aware of Dangers on Their Property

December 2, 2017

Any business owner or non-profit owner in the state of California can have dangerous conditions on their property without even knowing it. One recent study showed that most owners of property and property managers aren’t aware of some of the most common slip and fall risk areas in their properties. The survey also found that […]

Winter’s Coming: Learn How to Stay Safe on Winter Roads

December 1, 2017

Everyone who gets behind the wheel this winter should have safety as their top priority. It’s especially important in colder months. While many in California don’t have to drive in slushy, snowy, icy conditions that doesn’t mean they don’t have to prepare for them. In fact, the reality that Californians don’t drive in snow and […]

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