How to Manage Social Media Accounts During a Personal Injury Lawsuit


How to Manage Social Media Accounts During a Personal Injury Lawsuit

November 10, 2015

Learn how to prevent social media posts from hurting your position during a personal injury lawsuit. These days, many people find it quite normal and natural to share the most personal details of their lives on social media. If you take a similar approach to social media, you may discover that your habits can come […]

DUI U-Haul Truck Accident Injures 8

November 9, 2015

U-Haul truck driver suspected of driving under the influence of drugs causes serious accident. On Sunday, November 1, a U-Haul truck caused a serious accident in downtown Los Angeles that resulted in injuries to ten individuals. According to the LAPD, the U-Haul was going the wrong way down 7th Street when it hit a parked […]

Trees Pose Ongoing Danger to Tourists in National Park

November 8, 2015

Falling seed pods can cause serious head injuries Last year, a falling seed pod caused US Navy veteran Sean Mace to suffer a serious head injury while he was visiting the San Francisco Maritime National History Park. Today, the Park Service has made a pitiful effort to correct the hazard and many more tourists may […]

Dangers of Out of Date Tires

November 7, 2015

Old tires can cause serious rollover car accidents. We all know that bald tires are a safety hazard. But it turns out that even beautiful, new-looking tires can put drivers at risk of serious car accidents. Why? Because road wear on the treads is not the only factor that determines a tire’s safety. Tires will […]

Trick or Treat Accident Injury?

November 6, 2015

If you or your child suffered an injury while trick or treating, you just might have a case for compensation. Trick or treating is a fun tradition, but it can be a bit dangerous. Besides having to watch out for cars, parents and kids may also need to guard against hazards on neighbors’ properties that […]

What You Need to Know About Accident Reconstructionists

November 4, 2015

Learn how an accident reconstructionist can help you win your personal injury case. A life-altering injury can happen in a flash when you are in an accident. Often, it is too difficult for witnesses to piece together the chain of events that led to the accident, and an expert witness’ help is needed to read […]

4 Ways Companies May Be Liable for Employee Car Accidents

November 3, 2015

Learn when employers can be held liable for accidents caused by their employees. Car accident liability has the potential to get pretty complicated, especially in cases where an employer might be at fault for the actions of an employee. Here are 4 possible types of cases in which you might be able to recover damages […]

Understanding the Sudden Emergency Defense

November 2, 2015

Under limited emergency circumstances, drivers may not be liable for car accident injuries they cause. When it comes to securing compensation for victims of personal injury accidents, an attorney needs to do more than just create a strong argument for the plaintiff’s position in the case. They must also be able to predict and undermine […]

When to File a Claim for Whiplash

November 1, 2015

Learn what factors will influence your decision of when to file a whiplash injury claim. The question “when should I file a claim for whiplash?” is really two related questions: When is a whiplash injury severe enough to merit a claim? On the surface, this question is easy to answer. Any time you are injured […]

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