Winter Vacation Injuries

November 30, 2015

Learn about typical types of winter travel injuries and who may be liable. The holiday season typically involves a lot of travel, both to be with family and to enjoy a little “me” time on a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, your vacation could be spoiled by an injury. But, you can limit the impact of the […]

4 Things You Need to Know about Compensation for Medical Expenses

November 29, 2015

Learn what factors affect your compensation in a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, securing compensation for your medical costs following an accident is seldom as easy as simply submitting your medical bills to the liable party’s insurance company. To make sure you do not miss out on deserved compensation, you need to hire a skilled attorney […]

Why You Should Insist on an MRI After an Accident

November 28, 2015

Back and neck injuries can be tricky to diagnose without an MRI. When individuals are involved in extremely serious accidents where a catastrophic spinal injury is suspected, they will most likely automatically be given an MRI. However, MRIs are much less common for minor accidents like fender benders or slip and fall accidents—despite the fact […]

Trucking Accident Reminds Us of Two Unusual Liability Scenarios

November 27, 2015

All possible avenues for recovery should be considered in a trucking accident injury case. About a month ago, a freak truck accident took the life of Robert Castorena. The 51-year-old longshoreman was riding his bicycle near Carson CA when a shipping container came loose from the bed of a big rig truck and crushed him […]

Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Rescue Organization

November 26, 2015

Owner severely injured due to rescue organization’s failure to disclose dog’s violent history A San Diego man has recently filed a lawsuit against the rescue organization Labrador and Friends after his adopted dog bit him in the face. The 21-year-old man and his family adopted the dog at an event hosted by Labrador and Friends […]

Compensation for Facial Scars

November 25, 2015

Trust Attorney Vargas to secure ample compensation for facial injuries If you have been in an accident resulting in a severe laceration or other type of trauma to your face, you already know that this is one of the most distressing types of injuries you could receive—especially if you end up with a scar. Unlike […]

Top 10 Cars Most Likely to Lead to Personal Injury Claims

November 24, 2015

Highway Loss Data Institute identified 10 vehicles with higher than average claim rates. Even the safest, most careful driver can get into a car accident. After all, you simply cannot control the actions of other drivers. This is no doubt why people pay such careful attention to car safety ratings when deciding to purchase a […]

Millions of Dollars at Stake in Pro Football Slip and Fall Claim

November 23, 2015

Running back plans to sue after fall on concrete in stadium Personal injury compensation includes three main areas: medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost income. This gives rise to one of the quirks of personal injury law, namely that for two individuals who have suffered the exact same injury, the one with the higher […]

Medication Interactions Can Cause Traffic Accidents

November 22, 2015

Check your medication side effects at before you get behind the wheel to reduce the risk of an accident Most people are well aware of the dangers of driving drunk or while high on illegal drugs. However, the risks involved in driving while taking one or more medications are not considered nearly as often—despite […]

Staged Crashes on the Rise in Southern California

November 21, 2015

Get help proving the facts in a car accident claim by hiring Fernando D. Vargas According to the Auto Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center, staged car crashes are on the rise in our area. These crashes are deliberately caused by individuals who want an opportunity to commit insurance fraud. If you are injured […]

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