Strategies for Reducing Bicycle Accidents

May 24, 2015

Communities are implementing different strategies to combat different types of accidents. Along with pedestrians and motorcyclists, bicyclists are known as “vulnerable road users” because they have virtually no protective structure around them. Even if a bicyclist wears a helmet, they still have nowhere near the level of protection a vehicle occupant can expect. Though traffic […]

Concussions Can Cause Lasting Damage

May 20, 2015

If you have suffered a head injury in an accident, make sure you get an attorney who understands the long-term effects. Some concussion injuries are so mild the victim may not even lose consciousness. However, the fact remains that any kind of concussion injury is considered a traumatic brain injury and has the potential to […]

Inmates Injured in Bus Accident

May 16, 2015

Four-vehicle crash involving Sheriff’s bus results in minor injuries. Last month, a Sheriff’s Department bus carrying seven inmates was involved in an accident on the 170 Freeway heading south towards downtown LA. A traffic accident involving prison inmates may sound like the setup for an action film, but in fortunately this accident was not so […]

Game Day Driving Riskier When Home Team Loses

May 13, 2015

Live near an NFL stadium? You might want to stay home on game day to avoid an accident. Pro sports teams inspire tremendous loyalty among their fans. Emotions run high—when the home team wins, fans are elated. But when the home team loses, the ugly side of fanaticism can come out. European soccer matches are […]

How DREs Help Car Accident Injury Claims

May 10, 2015

Drug Recognition Experts can provide evidence to help establish liability in an accident. Much progress has been made in reducing the rate of alcohol-impairment-related car accidents in California and across the country. In fact, statistics indicate that alcohol-related traffic fatalities have actually hit a plateau in the last few years. However, drugged driving remains a […]

Summer Is a Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers

May 7, 2015

100 deadliest days of driving occur in the summer. Many people like to relax during the summer. Unfortunately, it seems drivers also tend to relax their vigilance behind the wheel during summer. The period from Memorial Day to Labor Day typically brings a spike in the number of deadly car accidents across the country. According […]

Injured? Do Not Count on Medicaid to Cover Your Costs.

May 4, 2015

Limitations of Medicaid and other programs highlight the need to pursue all avenues for compensation. The safety net of public assistance programs we have here in America is constantly under fire for being too costly. At least that is what those on the outside see. From the inside, many of these programs are woefully inadequate. […]

Settlement Reached in NFL Concussion Lawsuit

May 1, 2015

Payouts to brain injury victims could still be delayed by appeals. Last month a federal district court gave its final stamp of approval to a settlement agreement in a personal injury lawsuit brought against the NFL by over 5,000 former players. The lawsuit alleged that the NFL hid the dangers of concussions from players, resulting […]

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