Company Car Crash Leads to $28.4 Million Verdict for Texas Women

October 29, 2014

Ruling highlights the fact that companies are responsible for accidents caused by poorly trained employees. A few months ago, a Texas jury awarded $28.4 million in damages to two Texas women who were injured while riding in a company vehicle. The accident occurred in 2010, when driver Delfina Salazar sped through a yellow light on […]

Perils and Perks of Lawsuit Funding Advances

October 22, 2014

Using lawsuit funding wisely can help ensure financial constraints do not force victims into unfair settlements. Following any kind of accident that leaves you with a severe injury, you may find yourself plunged into dire financial straits. Not only will you need to pay for your medical care; you will also need to pay all […]

Michael Phelps’ Latest DUI Sets Terrible Example for Teens

October 15, 2014

Famed Olympic swimmer caught engaging in two risky behaviors while behind the wheel. Celebrity bad behavior is somewhat of an obsession for the American media. In some cases it is hard to say whether seeing their role models acting up is good or bad for kids. On the one hand, seeing a beloved figure engaging […]

Top 10 Speediest States

October 7, 2014

Learn which US states have the highest speed limits and whether this affects car accident rates. Up until 1955, all roads in every state were governed by the nationwide speed limit of 55 mph. Since receiving the right to set their own speed limits, 34 states have raised speed limits on some roadways to 70 […]

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