DUI Driver Will Spend Two Years in Jail for Deaths of Two Friends

August 11, 2014

Families may have good reasons for not filing wrongful death claims. When it comes to car accidents involving drunk driving, the good news is negligence on the part of the inebriated driver causing the accident is typically easy to prove. The bad news is injuries are often severe or even fatal. Such was the case […]

Family Files Suit after Fatal Bike Accident as DA Dawdles

August 8, 2014

Recent news item highlights the fact that civil courts can sometimes provide justice when criminal courts cannot. In December of 2013, entertainment attorney Milton Everett Olin Jr. was killed in a bicycle accident. While the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office still appears undecided on whether or not they will bring charges against the driver […]

Wi-Fi Honk App Attempts to Keep Pedestrians Safe

August 4, 2014

Computer scientists have created an app designed to warn smart phone users of impending collisions. The smartphone, the very device responsible for many distracted driving and pedestrian accidents is now being tapped to help prevent accidents. A group of computer scientists at the University of Missouri Kansas City has created an app called Wi-Fi Honk to […]

Spinal Cord Injuries

August 1, 2014

Typically, the more severe the injury the bigger the damages in a spinal cord injury case. The human spine contains millions of nerve fibers, which are responsible for transmitting information and signals between the brain and the body. Naturally any trauma to this vastly important area can result in significant injuries and, often, lifelong suffering. […]

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