Could Google’s Self-Driving Car Put an End to Auto Accidents?

May 31, 2014

Self-driving cars can avoid many, but not all causes of auto accidents Google’s self-driving car technology has excited lots of people with its potential for making driving safer and more convenient. Test cars have already driven 700,000 miles without an accident. However, can this technology really end accidents for good? Probably not—at least not in […]

NTSB to Revisit Bus Safety Rules Following Deadly Crash

May 26, 2014

Bus accident serves as reminder of why impending new bus safety rules are needed Last month, a horrific bus accident in northern California claimed the lives of 10 people and injured many more. A FedEx truck crossed a highway median, hit a car, and plowed into a bus carrying 44 students bound for a tour […]

Detecting Brain Injuries in Athletes Just Got Easier

May 19, 2014

Performing three tests on the sidelines can detect concussions with 100 percent accuracy Athletes in contact sports such as football are especially prone to head injuries, but a fall while playing just about any kind of sport could potentially result in a minor brain injury such as a concussion. If players are not properly screened […]

Another Reason Not to Drink and Drive

May 12, 2014

World Cancer Report states that no amount of alcohol is safe when it comes to cancer We all know that drinking and driving is a dangerous business. In fact, each day roughly 30 Americans are killed in auto accidents caused by or involving a drunk driver. However, because the law permits individuals to drive as […]

Families of Bus Accident Victims Still Waiting for Explanation

May 2, 2014

Wrongful death lawsuit has been filed despite lack of official report on the cause of the accident On April 10, a charter bus set out from Los Angeles carrying 43 students and three chaperones. Before it reached its destination, Humboldt State University, five of the students and all of the chaperones were dead. It has […]

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