10 Years After Deadly Train Crash, Many Improvements Made

Metrolink has introduced many safety measures to prevent train accident injuries.

10 Years After Deadly Train Crash, Many Improvements MadeJust after 6 am on January 26, 2005, a Metrolink train struck an SUV parked across the tracks near the Glendale/LA border. The SUV was empty, its suicidal driver having bailed at the last minute, but the train was carrying over 200 people. 11 train passengers were killed and hundreds more injured as the Metrolink train jackknifed off the tracks. Metrolink ended up paying roughly $39 million in damages to the train accident victims.

Now, 10 years after this disastrous train accident, Glendale city officials and Metrolink continue to work together to implement many important new features designed to help prevent future train accidents and injuries.

New Train Cars Purchased: Metrolink has purchased nearly 140 new train cars featuring a new “crash energy management technology.” These cars are designed to direct the impact of a crash away from passengers. On the exterior of the cars, bumpers absorb much of a collision’s energy, while on the inside of the cars, tables with a “frangible” design collapse upon impact to help limit the blunt force trauma a passenger would otherwise experience upon getting thrown into a table edge.

Train Engineer Supervision: After train engineers were caught texting in the moments before serious accidents here in LA and in other cities across the country, Metrolink installed cameras to help monitor train engineers’ behavior.

Positive Train Control System: This system keeps tabs on train speeds and movements and allows the train to be taken over and shut down remotely in the event that the engineer is not acting appropriately. Metrolink is currently testing the system on two night routes with the intent of installing it permanently by spring. An additional upgrade that could warn engineers of foreign objects on the tracks is also being considered.

Quad Gates for Crossings: Adding quad gates to all rail crossing will help prevent drivers from getting up on the tracks when a train is approaching.

While implementing these safety measures will definitely help reduce train accidents, it is impossible to plan for every eventuality. In the event that you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a train accident, you will need help securing the full and fair compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Hiring an experienced train accident injury attorney like Fernando D. Vargas is the best way to get this help. You can rely on our law office to provide expert guidance and advice every step of the way, whether you are able to secure a fair settlement in negotiations with the liable party or need to go to court.

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